Hello I’m Llissa and welcome to my blog. Here I like to write about the books I read, which can be anything to Young Adult, to Romance, or thrillers, or Historical or Regency romances, I’ve read some Christian books and also some books about the Amish. I read a little of everything! I enjoy leaving reviews of my favorite books, and I always try to update on what I have read during the month. Sometimes I pick up a book that I didn’t really like, and I will be honest about it. Doesn’t mean that it wasn’t it good book, it just means that it wasn’t the one for me and it didn’t suit me, but it may very well click for someone else. I also want to start highlighting a children’s author once a month but I haven’t gotten there yet. It will be coming soon this blog is always a work in progress! 🙂

My family is very important to me. I am happily married to the my husband of 18 years will be 19 years this November. We have 3 beautiful children together, Jessica will be 21 in August and is doing wonderful for herself with a full time job working for the county in south Florida, Jacob is 18 and just graduated high school, he was accepted to Towson University this fall but has decided to attend Community College and will attend Towson with his friends once he completes his associates degree at the community college. Megan is 14 and is about to begin her high school journey in the fall. My husband is the oldest of four boys so I’m lucky enough to have 3 wonderful sister- in -laws. My little sister just got married recently so I have officially gained a brother-in- law (finally). My brother has been married FOREVER (it just seems that way..) and they have 2 boys one who graduated the same year my Jessica did and the youngest graduated just this year and will be attending college in the fall. I love my family even though most of them live in Florida. We see each other as often as we can, with either us going to visit them in Florida or them coming to visit us here in Maryland.

My other passion is teaching, I love to teach and plan and just engage with young children and learn the best ways to prepare them for school and beyond. I started almost 20 years ago working at our local elementary school I always knew I wanted to teach I just wasn’t sure what grade, I knew it would be elementary school. When I started working at the school as an elementary school substitute teacher I figured it out. I wanted to teach the youngest of children, preschool, pre kindergarten, kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade. Any higher than that tended to stress me out. I could do it but I wasn’t willing to teach up to middle school which was a possibility with my elementary degree. So I went to the community college and got my degree in early childhood education which allows me to teach up to 3rd grade. Now I only have my associates degree but one day I’ll finish and get my bachelors degree and be able to teach in an elementary school. Its been a lifelong dream of mine and one day I plan to achieve it.

One other passion of mine lately is to play around with writing. Which is one of the reasons I started this blog. I wanted to be able to write about the books I’ve read, and about my family, and also play with different types of writing. So that’s what I plan to do here. Let you see the books I read and what I think of them, let you see some of my personal and family life, and work on becoming a better writer.

thanks for taking this journey with me,

Mellissa (Llissa)