On the Way to You

It should seem like such an easy question really. I mean, what does make you happy? Is it reading, playing with your kids or grandkids, going to the movies, being with family and friends, alone time, or a quiet cup of coffee? Happiness takes many forms, but some people can’t answer that question, because they don’t really know the answer. In this story- Cooper and Emery look for the answer together.



WOW, people, I just finished what I think is probably one of the best books I’ve read so far this year!!! As most of you know by now Kandi Steiner is one of my absolute favorite authors! I’ve just finished reading her newest book On the Way to You. If you thought that Jamie and B’s story (A Love Letter to Whiskey) was full of emotions and made you ugly cry, Well my friends you have to read this book. Because this story is so much better, this story makes you look at life, it makes you look at what makes you HAPPY, and it makes you want to run out and take chances. it makes you want to try harder to be a better human being. I am having a difficult time putting into words exactly how this story made me feel. I mean- let’s put it this way- have you ever read a book or listened to a song and said, THERE! THERE RIGHT THERE IS HOW I’M FEELING!!!! or thought Oh my Gosh how did the writer just crawl into my mind like that? Well folks it happened-it happened right here to me- because Kandi got me she got how I felt once upon a time in my life. And she made me cry and walk away from my kindle, and then pick it up again. She had me yelling, yelling people at my kindle. ( I do not yell at my kindle- its sensitive…) but that’s how I read this fabulous, freaking awesome story, by crying and yelling and talking to my kindle.. (mostly apologizing to it for yelling- remember sensitive kindle here) I know once you start this amazing journey with Emery and Cooper your gonna have some feelings, and your gonna feel some emotions. ( just don’t yell at your kindle)


This is Emery and Cooper’s story-

Cooper’s life isn’t easy- it never has been but since she was 12 it hasn’t been easy at all. She’s had some struggles, but through it all she always puts on a brave face and just keeps smiling- because really? what’s the alternative? She has goals and dreams- she wants things out of life and she plans on working to get them with or without her parents help. Then Emery shows up at the diner she works at- and everything changes.

Emery has had a pretty different life from Cooper’s . He went to a good school, has parents that love him, a grand mom who loves and adores him. He has few close friends and family. What he doesn’t have is his “Happy”. It doesn’t take long before he starts seeing doctors and taking meds to try to help him.  When his grandma passes away, he honors her final request of him and goes on a cross country road trip from Florida, to Washington. Then in Alabama he finds Cooper. He’s not sure exactly why he does it but upon meeting her and finding out that is where she wants to go too one day, he invites her along. And so here is the beginning of their journey-

Cooper and Emery have some good times, and some bad- they argue and along the way figure each other out. Its a wonderful journey, full of high and lows and happiness and sadness. Your gonna want to go on this trip with them trust me. 🙂 I promise you won’t regret taking the trip.


SO QUESTION TIME: WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? Share your answer in the comments below. I’ll add mine as soon as I’m done with this post. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!!


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So before I go.. if you EVER find yourself in a place like Emery is; there is help. Here are some helpful links to find a listening ear or someone to direct you to where you can find more assistance than just a phone call…

The National suicide hotline:


other helpful links:



So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed my review. I enjoy Kandi’s work she always surprises me and she definitely did with this story.




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