August 4, 2017

Life and death are hard.

This week my family is laying to rest a very sweet soul. My grandmother died on Monday. We are also celebrating my daughter’s 21st birthday. Her birthday was on Tuesday. We are celebrating her 21st birthday later this evening. We are also saying goodbye to a wonderful woman who we loved so very much early this afternoon.

My grandmother was a wonderful woman. She was always ready to help anyone who needed it and spoiled all of the grandchildren rotten. My stepmother and her had a very special bond one like I wish I could have with my mother. My stepmom could tell her mother anything, and she would always be there with a listening ear. She was like that with everyone she talked to but she was most like that with her family.

I’ve been to my share of funerals, my first most important one was my great-grandmother Nan. I loved her so, she and I had a very special relationship. I used to spend weeks at her house run the neighborhood there, hang out and watch TV or just play cards with her. Her death was very painful for me and taught me that no one stays here on this earth forever.

Today we celebrate life and death, this week my daughter blessed me with her presence 21 years ago. She’s here this week to visit. We planned the visit around her birthday so we could celebrate together. Sadly, the day before her birthday her great-grandmother died. The one thing I learned about this wonderful woman is she didn’t want anyone to put their plans on hold for her; and if she could be here to celebrate with my girl she would. So we are going to celebrate grand moms wonderful life, mourn her death, even as we celebrate my daughters start to her 21st year here on this earth.

It’s going to be difficult, and sad, but we are going to remember this sweet wonderful woman. And then we are going to celebrate my sweet girl turning 21 because grand mom wouldn’t want it any other way.





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